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Corporate Social Investment

Synertec associates itself with the growing corporate awareness of the need to invest in sustainable social development. The company approves an annual budget which informs Synertec’s CSI budget. Corporate social investment is therefore an integral part of Synertec’s commitment to sustainable development and a primary terrain for branding and enhancing the company’s reputation as a responsible corporate citizen and valued partner amongst communities where it operates. To give effect to this intent Synertec commits itself to invest in the development and empowerment projects that embrace the diversity of South Africans and to become a significant player in the field of community upliftment .


Our vision is to foster continued growth in our efforts as one of the leading socially responsible organisations involved in the  reduction of poverty and social problems. Through continuous investment, and the development of skills and training programs we aim to uplift and upgrade the employment readiness of our youth with a strong focus on developing entrepeneurs in our rural communities around South Africa.  


Our Social Investment Values stem for our core Corporate Ethics. Synertec is a company built on Transparency, Integrity, Honesty and Respect for the people and the communities we serve. 


To achieve this goal, our policy and programmes are aimed at: 

- Focusing on initiatives which enjoy broad-based stakeholders’ support while avoiding handout tendencies which prove unsustainable;

- Ensuring that communities and beneficiaries of the programmes are actively consulted in the process of project selection, implementation and evaluation;

- Quantifying the costs and benefits of the programmes selected and evaluating them in terms of their ability to contribute to capacity building, improving the quality of life and ensuring sustainable development;

- Defining the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders and projects/programme beneficiaries, with specific emphasis on financial controls and corporate governance compliance;

- Contributing to the socio-economic upliftment of primarily historically disadvantaged communities

- Building open, honest and constructive relationships between the company and its host communities.


- Education, capacity building and skills development for targeted communities;

- Income generation and job-creation programmes/projects, with the primary focus on youth, women and people with disabilities;

- Infrastructure development including - but not limited to: schools, clinics, orphanages, etc

- Cultural events, especially those in rural communities.

These priority areas will provide the cornerstones for the SBU strategies, social plans and interactions with beneficiary communities. Priority areas will be reviewed periodically to ensure that they are relevant to community needs


The principles guiding our CSI initiatives are:

- Focused on coherent relationships between our operations and surrounding communities;

- Promoting an equitable balance between the Company’s interests and development imperatives;

- Visionary and broad with solid and well-planned funding programme and agreed entry and exit points;

- Encouraging partnerships with reputable institutions capable of generating mutually beneficial profile and capacity building outcomes;

- Aligned with national imperatives and government’s socio-economic framework;

- Reflect values inherent in our Company and encourage employee participation that builds unity and capacity in beneficiary communities;

- Subject to periodic audit, evaluation review by the Company's Board and

- Compliance with corporate governance principles and guidelines of the King Report.


The funding guidelines regarding the Company's CSI commitment should be:

- Projects funded must have a developmental approach that is intended to build capacity in communities and should eradicate dependency;

- Projects should take an affirmative approach bias, with women, the disabled, youth and the socially destitute being prioritised;

- Individuals may not be funded. Funding must benefit a wider community or groups with common objectives and purpose;

- Deliverables and conditions of significant funding must be agreed with the beneficiaries;

- Direct periodic contacts must be maintained with the project beneficiaries and the projects to assess their development impact;

- Partnerships with other businesses, government and communities must be encouraged, while promoting the Company’s identity for its interventions;

- Funding agreements must outline expectations and deliverables on both sides; and

- Project implementation and adherence to stated objectives must be constantly monitored and evaluated (annual audit of projects will be conducted).


Entrepeneurs play a pivotal role in stimulating growth and development in economies globally. Entrepeneur development programs provide a platform for job-creation and black economic empowerment in our emerging economy. Synertec supports the development and growth of entrepeneurial enterprises across the spectrum and in all sectors. 

Workshops, training and development courses provide information and practical advice on starting small businesses, preparing business plans, facilitating access to finance and enabling participation in the mainstream economy.  Synertec perceives itself as part of catalyst stakeholders in empowering entrepeneurs to reach higher levels of development. 


Focusing on those most disadvantaged by unemployment, namely women and the youth, Synertec supports programmes that provide:

- Direct job-related training under accredited programmes;

- Bridging initiatives that prepare people better for the world of work and

- Specific job-creation programmes in the public and private sector.


The largest portion of our CSI budget is allocated towards our partnership with eduBuntu, which provides a major vehicle for the company’s education and training programmes. Initiatives in the fields of science, commerce, mathematics, engineering and technology get preference as they enhance skills development in the ICT industry. Technical training and skills development programmes also enjoy priority especially in the fields of carpentry, plumbing, bricklaying and welding.


We work to ensure that the communities where we operate become and remain self-sustainable, vibrant and prosperous. Our host communities are engaged as our partners and together, we develop the rural communal economies. We take care of the natural and social environment in which we operate. We create jobs, support local business and economic development programmes to alleviate poverty. We foster entrepeneurs and teach and upgrade skills.

- 6 April 2018

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