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AssetManager is a cloud based solution aimed at the Property & Facilities Management industry. The system is designed to easily facilitate the the management of movable and immovable assets including properties, buildings and installations including their individual related maintaining activities.  

AssetManager helps the you to know, organize and update all of the information related to and surrounding your asset inventory, in order to support faster and more accurate decision making and streamline operative procedures.

AssetManager has been built and engineered to be as flexible as possible and is highly scalable. It will shape over the environment where it operates, usually made up of procedures, documents, roles and responsibilities, technical restrictions, textual data and georeferences, external systems to interact with, and more. Asset manager can also be configured to operate as a stand-alone system, or to be integrated with your current intranet or cloud architecture.

AssetManager is a complete ready-to-use solution, offering a full suite of pre-programmed processes, reports and dashboards.

All-in-one sollution

AssetManager is available with all of the functionalities needed to solve your Property & Facilities Management needs.

Space & Asset Inventory

Asset inventory, management of registries, reports, dashboards, maps, plants, 3D and BIM models.

Facility Maintenance

AssetManager uses the Maintenance Manual as basis to manage, in a custom way, the maintenance, scheduled, meter-based and breakdown.

Logistic Management

Support for the logistic management of movable assets, of spare parts and building materials (stores).

Economic Management

Management of registries, budgets and purchases. Previsional, operative, final and control analysis. Interaction with ERP systems.

Energy & Environment

Recording and analysis of information related to immovable and movable, static and dynamic assets through monitoring systems.

GIS & BIM support

Complete support for the asset georeference. 2D vector plants and 3D building designing.

Flexible and Scalable

Thanks to the extreme flexibility and configurability of the AssetManager framework you can configure custom functional extensions without editing the standard code of the software application:

• definition of other types of objects;

• definition of other types of information for objects already provided;

• change of the workflows already provided or modelling of new workflows;

• change of reports already available or modelling of new reports;

• change the dashboards already available or modelling of new dashboards;

• connectors and pins configuration, in order to interact with external systems (management applications, data collection systems, alarm notification systems, etc.)


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