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Businesses, clubs and other organizations are increasingly looking for ways to build online social communities that let users do everything from shop, chat, post advertisements or announce events. These comprehensive online communities allow users to connect with one another in new and exciting ways. ChatFinity is a social platform that allows users to build vibrant, easy to use community websites for their group or organization.

The most important thing that you will get from ChatFinity is unlimited potential. With thousands of embedded features users can develop their community page into something big. ChatFinity puts all of the power at your fingertips so there is no limit to what can be accomplished.

ChatFinity is one of the world’s most comprehensive social media packages, so it really has too many features to list all at once, but here are some of the major features:

Key Features


A unique blend offering you a combination of Social Media features in a single app.  

Responsive Design

Featuring a brand new intuitive and fully responsive, mobile-friendly design.

Super Scalable

Unlimited scalability potential, you are limited only by your own creativity!

Multi-profile Accounts

You and your Organisation may use the same account and switch between profiles without logging out of the account.


Site members and businesses can place ads, allowing community members to view products and priconline. Complete and equipped with shopping carts and payment gateways.


Our mission is to UNITE PEOPLE. Every decision and every action is governed by the principles of doing good, and protecting our client.

Blogs and Bulletin Boards

People that want to post articles, announcements or blogs will be able to do so using ChatFinity. This could be anything from someone’s personal cooking blog, to a community bulletin board.

Meetings and Events

ChatFinity allows you to post and follow meetings and events in your area, or in your area of interest. Advertising your event on ChatFinity will allow you to reach a large group of people at the same time.

Chat and Video Chat

ChatFinity now allows for a multitude of ways in which to communicate. From basic chat, to Video Chat and even Group Video Chat allowing you to freely connect with others and share ideas and information.

Mobile App


iOS and Android Apps

There has been a lot of focus on develping native mobile apps for ChatFinity. The latest updates to both the ChatFinity for Android and iOS are now available for download at iTunes and Google Play respectively. 


Mobile Friendly

We have refreshed the design a bit, updated the icons, and fixed all known bugs, but most importantly the entire app has been streamlined and now boasts a more intuitive, easy to use interface.


Facebook Login

This update is also coupled with the integration of Facebook login, thus for the first time you can log-in and start using ChatFinity using your Facebook credentials, without the need of having to join first.

Contact us

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