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Connecting the unconnected and bridging the digital divide in Africa is vital to supporting socio-economic growth on the continent. Satellite connectivity has the advantage of reach across difficult terrain, providing an efficient way of connecting the majority of the 700 million unconnected people in Africa. It maintains the same quality no matter where the customer is located geographically, and doesn’t discriminate between villages and cities. 

This new offering is part of our continued evolution as we seek to address changing customers’ expectations and be at the leading edge of the digital revolution by helping to solve the challenges of the markets we serve. Satellite networks can be rapidly deployed to provide services across an entire region, complementing existing technologies to ensure last-mile connectivity. Our services, skills and support help our existing and potential customers across the continent to:

  1. INCREASED ACCESS TO BROADBAND - With one of the largest satellite footprints covering SADC, we can provide broadband connectivity in even the most remote rural areas in Southern Africa.
  2. EXTEND TERRESTRIAL INFRASTRUCTURE - We can extend the reach of your existing network and infrastructure by seamlessly integrating satellite communications sollutions to extend your capacity.
  3. VALUE ADDED SERVICES - Offering a myriad of Value Added Services, our satellite is designed to offer support to next generation disruptive technologies including Digital Terestrial Broadcasting, Integrated Security and Tracking Services, Educational Platforms and Integrated Financial Services.
When large amounts of quickly scalable, low latency IP capacity are needed in areas without access to fiber, a connectivity solution powered by our satellite network works best. Mobile or cellular backhaul for 3G and 4G-LTE traffic aggregation and offload, trunking, and on-demand transit capacity with <150ms satellite data round trip latency is available in increments with throughput up to 2Gbps.

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